Colonize and conquer hundreds of planets in your quest for galactic domination! Exploit resources and establish trade routes to grow your industry.
Play as one of seven unique races, each with different playstyles and lore. Maneuver your ships using one of four distinct FTL methods.
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Star Ruler 2: Wake of the Heralds Release!

22 Apr 2016 by GGLucas

Our first expansion, Star Ruler 2: Wake of the Heralds, is now officially out on steam! Purchase it for $9,99 from the steam store page.

Wake of the Heralds Features

Read our previously posted feature highlights to see what's in the expansion:

New Race: The Heralds

Feature Highlight: Attitudes

New Map: Invasion

New Race: The First

v2.0.0 Update

Along with the release of the expansion, the base game has received an update to version 2.0.0 containing a number of fixes and improvements. You can read about some of the main changes to the game in the steam announcement here.