Colonize and conquer hundreds of planets in your quest for galactic domination! Exploit resources and establish trade routes to grow your industry.
Play as one of seven unique races, each with different playstyles and lore. Maneuver your ships using one of four distinct FTL methods.
Design your mighty warships with weapons to crush all opposition! Design stations to defend your territory from invaders or create mining ships to exploit the valuable minerals found on asteroids.
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Star Ruler 2 Release and 1.0.0 Build!

27 Mar 2015 by GGLucas

Star Ruler 2 was released on Steam, and GamersGate this week! Our v1.0.0 build brought many new features, with some of the highlights below. We'd like to thank everyone who participated in making SR2's beta phase a success. Your feedback and suggestions have been crucial in helping us shape this 4X RTS strategy game into something we're very proud of!


A number of new technologies have been added containing new megaconstructions to build. Megaconstructions require the mining of ore from asteroids, and culminate in the construction of your very own Ringworlds:

More Shipsets!

In addition to new enhancements to the Volkur shipset, two new shipsets each with many new ship models have been added.

Support Behaviors

Support ships can now be designed to follow one of several preset behaviors. When equipped with ammo stores, certain behaviors also let your support ships temporarily detach from the fleet and perform independent raids on the enemy fleet!