Feature Highlight: Attitudes

17 Apr 2016

Star Ruler 2: Wake of the Heralds releases this April 22nd! We will be posting feature highlight posts every few days until the release.

The Cut of Your Jib

In vanilla Star Ruler 2, all of the properties of your race are decided by the traits you choose before the game starts. In Wake of the Heralds, you can further customize what you think your empire should be like using the new Attitudes mechanic.

Attitudes level up as you perform specific tasks over the course of the game, each level giving you new benefits for your empire to use. Attitudes have very powerful effects when fully leveled, so be sure to take note of what each new attitude you take requires you to do!

Picking Opposites

You can take additional attitudes on top of your starting one at any time. Each subsequest attitude will cost more influence points to take, however.

As you can see, the possible attitudes are arranged in pairs of opposites. Taking an attitude prevents you from taking its opposite unless you discard it first!

Taking Stable, pictured above, will require you to develop a multitude of planets to a high level at once, and prevents you from taking its opposite, Progressive.

Leveling It Up

As you meet your chosen Attitude's level up requirements, you will start to unlock its boosts and effects for your empire.

Omake: Flagship Veterancy

Also new this expansion: Ship Veterancy! Whenever one of your fleets destroys an enemy flagship, it gains experience, eventually leveling up to a higher Veterancy status.

Ships with Veterancy have more health and perform better in combat, so be sure to train your fleets well.