Feature Highlight: Invasion

19 Apr 2016

Star Ruler 2: Wake of the Heralds releases this April 22nd! We will be posting feature highlight posts every few days until the release.

The Invasion

In the new Invasion map, you are tasked with defending your isolated part of the galaxy from waves of ruthless invaders. Empires cannot declare war on each other in this co-operative map, but diplomatic trickery is of course still advised!

You start the game with your home system surrounded by 3 systems containing allied remnant defense stations. These stations were set up a long time ago to protect the galaxy from outside threats, and are vital in preventing the invaders from gaining access to the galaxy.

Each system has 3 defense stations. If all of them are destroyed, the sytem will explode. If all three of the systems you are tasked with defending are gone, your empire will explode! No pressure.

When playing invasion, your flagships will not have any maintenance costs, so you can be free to build up your force to meet the waves of invaders.

Artifact Shards

Whenever you succesfully defeat a wave of invaders, they will drop an Artifact Shard. Unlike normal artifacts, these do not cost any energy to activate.

In addition to their normal use, each artifact shard also has a secondary, more powerful, way to use it. Choosing this is option is risky, however, as it increases the strength of the invaders for everyone in the game.

Omake: The Senate Leader

Through the Election influence card, or the Open Election diplomacy event, you can win a diplomatic vote in order to be named the new Galactic Senate Leader. Being the senate leader allows you play several new restricted cards with powerful effects, as well as opening the path to obtaining an influence victory!